Shutdown Info

Click the PDF file link to view the entire Memorandum of Agreement between Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., Viatris Inc. and the United Steelworkers International Union and its Local Union 8-957.

After months of hard work by your Bargaining Committee, we have reached a Severance Agreement with the company.  As we explained in the membership meetings we held on May 25, bargaining over the effects of a shutdown completely changes the dynamics of bargaining.  In short, the union faces a more difficult time because its usual leverage points are taken away.

Despite this, we were able to leverage the solidarity and support you gave us into the agreement we are describing below.  We are confident that we negotiated the best agreement possible and left nothing on the table. 

After months of tough bargaining, we have reached an agreement with Viatris addressing the severance and other benefits that will be paid upon the closure of our facility.

We will provide details to the members early next week, so please look for a summary document.

The solidarity shown by members of Local 8-957 gave strength to your bargaining committee and we will need that same solidarity as our campaign continues.

Stay strong and stay united.

Your local bargaining committee has been hard at work over the past week in continued effects bargaining with Viatris. The company and the International union are scheduling talks for next week in hopes of finalizing a severance agreement that reflects your years of dedication and service.

Though like we said before, there is nothing the company can give you that will make up for its decision to close our facility. But we will do everything in our power to ease the burden of this transition, whatever it may bring.

Local 8-957 takes the fight to Charleston

Viatris Update 06.11.2021

As our local committee and the International continue with effects bargaining with Viatris, we are also taking the fight for our facility to the streets this coming week.

On Tuesday, June 8, we will be meeting at the Morgantown Mall at 8:00 A.M. and heading to the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston for a solidarity rally.

We want to thank everyone who attended our local union meetings this past Tuesday, where our local committee was joined by leaders from the International union, including Vice President Fred Redmond.

We continue to engage in bargaining the effects of Viatris’ decision to close our facility, working toward an agreement that reflects our hard work, service and dedication. We have exchanged proposals with Viatris, with the most recent being a counterproposal that we presented to the company last week.