June 11, 2021 - Membership Update

Local 8-957 takes the fight to Charleston

Viatris Update 06.11.2021

The local bargaining committee would like to thank those of you who were able to join us and our labor allies in Charleston this past Tuesday, June 8, in calling upon Gov. Jim Justice to put everything he has on the table to save our Morgantown jobs.

We rallied outside the West Virginia Capitol with guest speakers including state Senators Mike Caputo and Bob Beach, as well as activists from unions like the CWA.

We were also joined by the governor himself at the end of the rally. He spoke with the group for twenty minutes about the current status of the fight for our community.

The governor has not formed the task force called for in the two state resolutions passed this spring, but he nevertheless insisted he and his administration are working on finding solutions to save the plant, including talks between his Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch and two companies that have expressed interest in buying the facility.

However, Viatris has not done their part in keeping the chain of communication open, he said.

“We’ve talked with Viatris and we continue to struggle with them,” Justice said. “They’re difficult to work with. The least they could do as the parent (company) is be cooperative.”

We will continue to put pressure on all levels on government in the weeks ahead and keep you apprised of any updates from Secretary Gaunch.

Brothers and sisters, we will not back down from this fight until every last stone has been turned. That’s the union way. Let’s stay strong and stay connected, siblings.

Your USW Local 8-957 Bargaining Committee
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