Shutdown Info

Our local bargaining committee this week continued its work on effects bargaining. We received the company’s response to our opening proposal on April 22, and this week, after much careful, deliberation, we submitted our counterproposal.

Our local bargaining committee this week continued its work on effects bargaining. As you should already know, we gave the company our proposal in late March, and on April 22, we received a response. Late last week, we met with the company by video so we could discuss this response.

This week, our local bargaining committee met with representatives from the International to formulate a counter-proposal. We will be scheduling a meeting with Viatris soon so we can present our counter-proposal to the company.

Last Friday, you should have received a video message from USW International Vice President Fred Redmond in which he provided multiple updates about our campaign, including information on effects bargaining.

Among the information he shared was some background on how effects bargaining typically works and the process the local bargaining committee is following in exchanging proposals with the company.

If you missed the video, you can access and view it here.

Bargaining Continues

As we wait for a written response from Viatris to our proposal, we want to make sure you’re aware that our local website has been updated. It includes information you may find useful, including a detailed explanation of effects bargaining and information regarding Union Plus Hardship Assistance.

This past week, Local 8-957 continued our campaign to bring awareness to our facility and community. A towering digital billboard at University Town Centre now displays three alternating messages about our fight and about the importance of keeping our jobs here in Morgantown.

Our goal is to share our story in any way we can, and this display is just another step along this journey we’re taking together.

Local 8-957 meets with legislative allies

This past Monday, a group of Local 8-957 members visited with Sen. Mike Caputo in Charleston, W. Va., to speak with him and other legislators about our fight. Caputo reiterated his support for our local and our work.

This past Monday, March 22, the local bargaining committee met in Pittsburgh with USW Vice President Fred Redmond and other International union leaders and staff as we formulate a proposal to present to Viatris as we prepare for effects bargaining.

This Monday, March 22, the local bargaining committee will be meeting with USW staff to begin formulating a proposal to present to the company as we prepare for effects bargaining.

The right to bargain over the effects of the company’s decision to close our facility is one of the last safeguards a union contract provides. This will give us a chance to discuss severance, health care, and more.